M. F. Roberts Bio


When asked to provide a bio, Merv wrote this about himself.   This blog editor needs to be very clear on this – Mervin F. Roberts is very much alive.

Obituary – M. F. Roberts
I would not entrust such a task to a hack writer who might not have even known me.  So here it is, undated – waiting.

With his wife, the former Edith May Foster, and some children, Mervin Roberts first came to Old Lyme in 1960.  Here they raised six children and became active in church, government, fire departments, and town life.  He and Edith were both graduates of Alfred University.

Merv was born in 1922.  He was a former Boy Scout, Naval Officer during WW2, Merchant Marine Officer, Gunsmith, Waterman, Duck Hunter, Councillor to the Governor of Connecticut for Marine Resources, Town of Old Lyme Selectman, Citizen of the Year and more recently Chaplain of the Fire Department.  He lectured at Old Lyme High School, the Coast Guard Academy and the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor Maine and at the CRICS High School in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Merv wrote about 40 booklets and books, mostly about natural history and he got his hair cut in Seckla’s Barber Shop on Lyme Street about once every two or three weeks.